Contractile vacuole lab combined results:

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Lab exam consultation: visit the EXAM page for more info (April 22 2014)

Lab exam marks as well as Final lab marks have been posted in the "My Marks" tool. Contact the lab coordinator if you have questions. Consultation of lab exam will be scheduled next week. Wait for upcoming anouncement of this website. (April 17 2014)

Lab5 reports are available to pichup in the document drop off area. (April 14 2014)

Lab exam marks will be posted on the lab website around April 17th (or later). (April 1st 2014)

Lab5 reports will be available to pickup on Monday April 14th in the document drop off aera. Marks will be posted on the lab website at the same time. (April 1st 2014)

Marks for lab 1-4 are available on this website. Click on the "My Marks" link above this text. (Mar-25 2014)

Questions about the final exam: visit the EXAM page right above this text. (Mar-24 2014)

La exam will be on Saturday march 29th 1-2:30PM. Contact the lab coordinator immediately if you have a schedule conflict. See the EXAM page for more details. (Mar-14 2014)

Lab3 docs have been posted in the Lab3 page. The lab session will start with a mini quiz about lab3 objectives and activities. (Feb-7 2014)

No labs this week. Labs will start on January 13th for the earliest section. Check the schedule on this site or the lab manual to know more. Contact the biolab team at if you have questions regarding the schedule. (Jan-6 2014)


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