Contractile vacuole lab combined results:

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You can review your lab exam on Monday April 27th and Tuesday April 28th between 2-3PM in room BSC106. (April 24th 2015)

Lab marks have been posted, including the lab exam, for all sections except C2 to C6. (April 23rd 2015)

Lab5 marks are available online. You can pick up lab5 reports in the bins located in the document drop off aera. (April 20th 2015)

Lab exam rooms have been posted. Please check what your lab section is on the lab exam page. (April 1st 2015)

Labs will start the week of Jan. 19th for the first sections. See complete schedule on the homepage. (Jan 8th 2015)

Lab schedule added. (Dec. 10th 2014)

The Lab manual is now available to download. (Dec. 16th 2014)


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Labs will start on the week of January 19th 2015


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